Expanding the boundaries. Seminar on poultry farming in Kazakhstan

17 октября 2019

In the middle of October, research and practice seminar on poultry farming was held in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The program of the seminar included discussions of the latest trends: in veterinary medicine, biosecurity and feeding in poultry and pig breeding. Leading specialists of LLC “RACIOVET” proposed an innovative approach to the rational use of antibiotic therapy in the treatment and prevention of bacterial diseases in poultry. Particular attention was paid to developing an effective treatment strategy with a comprehensive approach, biosecurity and compliance with veterinary and sanitary norms in poultry farming.

During the seminar, representatives of agricultural enterprises had the opportunity not only to discuss the problems of the industry with experts at the round table meeting, but also to take part in the practical part of the seminar and a live master class.

It is the close cooperation and exchange of experience between LLC “RACIOVET” production support units and company’s specialists that will help to find the best approach to disease prevention and treatment in future, which will undoubtedly reduce the cost of veterinary interventions, as well as help to obtain safe and highly qualified products.